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New Look And Feel

We have just realeased our new range of Electric Hues 7 Circuit Double Labyrinths! With a glowing and refined new finish to give a fresh start to 2016.

So let the Labyrinth quieten your mind and enhance your state of being and give yourself or a loved one this special gift to enliven and transform 2016 into a year of hope, wisdom and growth.

Selected Products

Handheld Labyrinth meditation tool
A meditative aid.The Handheld Labyrinth meditation tool can be used virtually anywhere to bring about a sense of calm and clarity.

The Handheld Labyrinth is an innovative finger meditation tool used to teach individuals how to relax, meditate, manage stress. The double labyrinth meditation tool is our trademark, if you see it anywhere else it is a copy. While walking a Labyrinth, we one day came up with the idea of placing a left handed and a right handed labyrinth together on one board, mirroring each other.

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